Pet Portraiture

Here at Ruff Mutt Pawtraits, everything is about your dog and achieving striking, memorable and beautiful photos of your dog. Nothing but perfection is good enough and I will work with you & your dog to ensure you receive what you envisioned.

I offer varying styles of photography, whether that be candid, posed or dynamic action shots and all at an affordable price. I am the proud owner of three beautiful rescue Spaniels, two Springer's & a Cocker & they all make an occasional appearance on my website.

I am based in Bradford, West Yorkshire and therefore as my preferred choice for photo shoots is natural light I have the advantage of numerous scenic locations consisting of woodland, Moorland and many other perfect locations all of which provide a beautiful backdrop for a pet portrait. However I am willing to travel to your 'favourite place' and if this is something you would prefer, then please just let me know. 

What's included in the price?

At the conclusion of a photoshoot, each image is carefully assessed on a calibrated monitor and edited to a professional standard to ensure you receive a true representation of the photographic experience.

A selection of the most stunning photographs will then be uploaded to a secure website where you will receive an invitation to view the images from the comfort of your own home or alternatively I can meet up with you either at your home or a local cafe to help you choose any images you would like printing. Included in the session fee you will receive four professionally printed images at no additional cost to you up to a maximum size of 8" x 10" inches worth £100, therefore immediately recouping your initial outlay.

Each photograph will be printed in Lustre and can be posted directly to your home address if this is more convenient. A small charge will be made for postage and packaging. 

What Does It All Cost?

            (Please note all photographic orders will be printed in Lustre unless specified otherwise). 

Typically a portrait session, costing £95.00 will last ninety minutes however this will depend on how co-operative your pet is! My goal though is to provide you with memory's which you will cherish forever & therefore this time frame is flexible. 

Print Only                                                                                        Mounted Print

  8" x 10" = £25                                                                                   8" x 10 = £27

 10" x 12" = £29                                                                                            10" x 12" = £31

 12" x 16" = £38                                                                                            Not Available

 16" x 20" =£45                                                                                  Not Available

 16" x 24" = £49                                                                                 Not Available 

High resolution digital files, (JPEG's) can be supplied as an alternative to prints if this is preferred at a cost of £350 for twenty files. This can be a cost effective option if you would like arrange your own printing or intend to use the images for Social Media or share them with friends and family.  Please ask for details. 

Panoramic prints start at;

8" x 18" £29